Three Reasons To Go Back to College


Education is a competitive advantage. It is no secret that in Canada, people who are educated (post-secondary education) have a higher employment rate compared to people who do not have a college diploma or a degree.

This is why in this hyper-competitive economy, everyone must look at education as an integral component of their career journey. This should start after high school graduation and continue until you’re ready to retire.

It might sound like a lot of studying. But if you’re serious about getting ahead in the workplace, you’ll need to recognize that continuous education creates the “steps” in your upward climb in your career.

Here are three reasons why you need to consider going back to college (or going to college if you are just graduating high school).

Gain Valuable Skills

If you are a recent high school or you’re about to graduate, post-secondary education can teach you valuable work skills.  It prepares you for the real world. It prepares to “learn how to learn” which is one of the most important skills you need in the workplace.

If you are already in the workplace or have been working for a couple of years now, then you know that we live in the tech revolution age. Your job can be replaced by a new app, software, or a new machine. This is bad news if you’re unwilling to explore other career options.

If you’re open-minded, and you’re willing to invest in yourself, going to schools again ensures you learn new skills that will make you more valuable and competitive in the workplace.

There are new skills waiting to be taken and used by people who are willing to go out and learn again. Skills in IT security, data analytics, medical and health-related skills. The only barrier between these exciting skills and you is another post-secondary education.

Realize Your Career Path

A two-year diploma studied part-time while working can lead to a very rewarding career.  You do not have to commit to a 4 to 5-year university degree to land a good, high-paying job.

People have found their passion as tradespeople, from plumbing to being an electrician, or becoming a massage therapist.

Education is education, but it’s what you do with it after that determines whether you will succeed in the career that you’ve chosen.  In many cases, it’s more profitable to enroll in a two-year vocational course and get valuable experience so that you can find your true career path.

Pursue Your Ambition

Lack of education is the number one root of many issues such as poverty, crimes, and poor quality of health.

Imagine if Mark Zuckerberg and the creators of Facebook did not know computer programming, or if Jeff Bezos of Amazon didn’t study computer science. We wouldn’t have the conveniences social media or the online marketplace today.  It is what they know – through education –  that allowed them to work on their ambition.

I am passionate about education because it has the power to free people from many hardships.

Canada is an education superpower.  As a result, it is one of the most sought after destinations for immigrants who want to make their lives better and give their children a better future.  Our country is the best, in my opinion, in pursuing your ambition.  But this starts with getting an education.

If you are graduating high school this year, seriously consider getting into a post-secondary education right away.

If you are already working or have not been in a school for a very long time, it’s never too late to bring education back as part of your career journey.

If you not sure which program to enroll to, or you simply want to talk to someone about going back to school, contact us at Canada Advantage Placement.   We can get you to the right program, with the right school and the right schedule that works for you.


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Abel Pagaling is the Director of Business Development for Canada Advantage Placement

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