Filipina victim in Northeast sex assault

Suspects of sex assault, Correy and Cody Manyshots will be back in court December 10.
Suspects of sex assault, Correy and Cody Manyshots will be back in court December 10.

Family, friends and members of the community are rallying around a 17-year-old Filipina who was the victim of a brutal sexual assault last month.

On November 14 waiting at a Taradale bus stop, a teenage girl was attacked and dragged to a nearby alley where she was sexually assaulted.

The teen was then dragged to a Martindale home, where she was repeatedly sexually assaulted.

The girl was able to escape the next morning at around 8 a.m. and get to family members, who took her to the police.

Calgary Police Services Sergeant Melanie Oncescu says the victim was treated in hospital and released and is in the care of her family.

“She’s being cared for,” Oncescu said.

Police are also offering their support to the girl, Onsescu says.

“Obviously, in a circumstance like this, this is a very traumatic incident,” she says. “We will make sure she has supports in place to deal with this.”

Oncescu says this is a particularly troubling case.

“This case is very disturbing in the sense a young girl has been attacked and these people were unknown to her,” she says. “Anytime a situation like this occurs, it is very traumatic.”

The victim was able to lead police to the house where she was assaulted and the next day they executed a warrant on the home and took three men into custody for questioning.

Police arrested brothers Corey George Manyshots, 25, and Cody George Manyshots, 21, and charged them with sexual assault causing bodily
harm, assault causing bodily harm, kidnapping, uttering threats and robbery.

Corey and Cody Manyshots have not had a bail hearing and remain in custody.
They will be back in court December 10.

On November 21 hundreds of people met at the Taradale bus stop where the girl was snatched to hold a vigil and show their support for the girl and her family.

“I was in shock because I grew up in this community — so obviously we felt like we were safe in that,” says university student Alberose Landingin.
“We were always so secured, but hearing that also she is from the community and the people that hurt her was in the community, I was really shocked and felt that as if we weren’t safe anymore. I was ultimately shocked and really sad for her and her family and that the reason why we came here is to support her.”

Vigil organizer and Taradale community association president Khalil Karbani
says it is amazing this young girl was able to escape.

“For one thing, I admire very much is the courage of the victim,” says Karbani. “Had she not escaped, situations could have been different. Now she is a survivor and also the perpetrators are in custody. And that’s due to her
courage and her braveness.”


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