Most Calgarians with Filipino descent are still undecided on who to vote in the mayoral this coming fall. This is according to a survey conducted by Pulse Movement. When asked which of the mayoral candidates they would likely vote for, 57.9 percent of the 350 respondents remained undecided. The survey was conducted back in August.

The initial findings indicated that Zane Novak is leading among Filipino households with 15.8 percent. He is followed by incumbent councilor Jeff Davison with 7.3 percent. Jyoti Gondek, Jeromy Farkas and Brad Field are all tied at 5.1 percent and Grace Yan at 4.8 percent. The remaining candidates had less than 1 percent share of the pie. The group said that numbers are most likely to change as the election day on October 18 draws closer.
Meanwhile, the survey also asked if the respondents are voting in the coming municipal election. An overwhelming 88 percent or almost 9 out 10 said they will likely go out to the precincts to vote. About 89,000 Filipino-Canadians now live in Calgary. “Many working as front liners, but rarely or very few are part of the decision making.”, the group adds.

The much-anticipated municipal election has brought the list of aspiring mayors to 27. Jeromy Farkas who displayed a strong showing at the start of the campaign is now under scrutiny by other candidates for voting against the city bylaw enacting public health measures like vaccine passports. Farkas was the sole councilor who opposed the measure.