Filipino community leader Michael Juarez is running to be a member of Calgary Board of Education Trustee this coming local election. Siapno-Juarez, a first-generation immigrant is hoping to bring more attention to the situation of schools and students in Wards 5 and 10. According to Siapno-Juarez the continuous neglect of the residents of northeast Calgary prompted his bid for public trustee.

“I have had enough of our children and families being neglected. I want to give parents a genuine voice on the school board. I want more funding for our schools in Ward 5 and 10. This is the only way we can ensure the future of children.” he said.

Siapno-Juarez said he believes in quality education and its power to positively change individuals and families. But he also mentioned that apart from quality education, families should have quality of life and thus support outside school is also important.

He added, “It is common for families in Wards 5 and 10 that both parents are working multiple jobs to make ends meet. We will put an end to the lack of after school support. To ensure the development of students, they should have access to different after school programs, whether be it in sports, arts and crafts and others.”

Michael promised that he will fight for equal funding and access to resources for schools in the northeast, “The student to teacher ratio is high and teachers and support staff are struggling. It is time for the board to pay attention to our schools in the Northeast. It is time for them to pay attention to our children and educators.”

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