Hungry Syrian is now a Filipino


A well-off Syrian vlogger chose to become a Filipino and live in the Philippines for good.

Syrian vlogger Basel Manadil a.k.a. “The Hungry Syrian Wanderer” is now officialy a Filipino citizen after years of giving his viewers a taste of the food and beauty of the Philippines.

Basel happily announced his being a Filipino in a vlog he posted on Independence Day, June 12.

In that vlog, Basel who wears a traditional barong tagalog, proudly showed his Philippine passport for the first time since he got it in 2019.

Basel narrated in his vlog how he came from a well-off family from Syria and traveled to the Philippines when he was only 18-years old, after the war started in their country.

He also revealed that he decided to stay in the Philippines despite being offered a chance to live a more comfortable life in Europe.

The naturalized Filipino said that after graduation, he tried to apply for a job in many companies and I got denied.

Basel said also that when he was offered to go to Europe, he deeply thought of the luxury life, instant money, instant happiness and instant job compared to the Philippines with simple life, no expected money, no expected job and just living in a day to day basis.

He said he chose the Philippines after experiencing life there and spending time with ordinary Filipinos.

Basel added that he found in the Philippines the real meaning of ‘The Hungry Syrian Wanderer’, which is to wander more, help more people and explore more things about this country that he now consider his new home.