Philippines’ figure-skater Michael Martinez is focused on his Winter Olympics return. The two-time Olympic figure-skater said that he is training even harder now than when he did to prepare for the past two Winter Olympics qualifying events.

Martinez said he has been training intensely for the past three months and his coach Nikolai Morozov, was pushing him so much everyday, with the new programs and new choreography.

He admits that those trainings are really different and so intense, but the hardest part about making it to the Olympics is looking for funds.

Martinez said that his manager has set up a fund page with a goal to raise at least $50,000 so he can make it to the qualifying events in Germany.

Our main goal is to be able to have the enough training funds for up to at least the qualifying event and we’re just hoping that when we do qualify we will have some sponsors coming in and be able to have the enough support all the way to the Olympics, Martinez said.

With an Olympic medal in mind, Martinez flew to Russia on Tuesday to take his training to the next level and his goal is to master the quadruple jump for his winning routine.

According to Martinez, the sheer technical value of quads is probably the only way he could compete and possibly land a podium finish.

No Southeast Asian athlete has ever won a Winter Olympic medal and Martinez aims to be the first, that’s why his team is doing everything they can to achieve that monumental goal.