Biazon Calls for a United Position on West Philippine Sea 


After admitting that he was alarmed by what is being said about the West Philippine Sea, former lawmaker and Armed Forces Chief, Rodolfo “Pong” Biazon met with Senator Panfilo “Ping” Lacson in the Senate Wednesday regarding our stance in the controversial issue.

Biazon is recommending to convene the National Security Council in order to make a clear, concise, and unified position regarding our claim in the WPS. He explained that the difference in opinion of our leaders in the country is making our opponent much stronger. According to him there is an urgent need to gather our leaders through the National Security Council to sort out their issues, set aside personality politics, and craft a solid position and strategy for our claim.

Biazon reiterates that our action must be based on three important things: One, is the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS); second is the Philippine Base Line Law, and the third is the Artbitral Tribunal ruling in the Hague. He further elaborates that the actions we are going to make should be based on legal issues.

The retired Military General said doing this will help us shoot a sharp message to our targets, particularly the Filipino people, our potential allies in our neighboring countries, and our enemy—China. Biazon emphasized that the different statements made by the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, and the President of the country does not help in our stance in the WPS because it’s confusing.

He added that we must project that our message and claim is not just the opinion of one man, but the representative of all the people—the President.

Biazon also believes that a well-thought diplomatic strategy would work as a solution instead of thinking about launching an all-out war against China. And though he is now retired in politics, his love for our country and its national security will keep him on his feet to protect our territories, Biazon said