Ivermectin drug, no FDA approval, no prescription for human –PH COVID-19 Special Advisor


Photo courtesy of Rappler

After some lawmakers were found to have taken the “COVID-19 drug” Ivermectin, Philippine special adviser on COVID-19 Dr. Teodoro Herbosa insists that he will not prescribe the use of Ivermectin for humans with COVID-19 without the approval of the FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION or the FDA.

He said that the use of the anti-parasitic drug for COVID-19 is considered illegal without FDA’s approval, though he admits that some of his friends who are also doctors used Ivermectin.

Asked if he ever tried or prescribed Ivermectin, Dr. Herbosa politely said “no” pending its approval by the FDA and the Department of Health (DOH).

With regards to the legality of the distribution of Ivermectin, Dr. Herbosa has no comment because he is not in the position as he is not a lawyer.

Dr. Herbosa is also a volunteer in the Philippine Red Cross and former Executive Vice President in the University of the Philippines (UP).

Ivermectin became a big issue in the Philippines in this time of pandemic because of different opinions from various sectors of society.

Some lawmakers admitted that they used Ivermectin with a human grade out of desperation and frustration. While some of them said that they used it after their research showed its effectiveness against COVID-19.

Even experts and those in the medical field have different views regarding the use of Ivermectin because some of them say it is effective and some say it is for animal use only.

The controversy grew even bigger when two Partylist Representatives distributed Ivermectin capsules to residents in a barangay in Quezon City without the needed approval from DoH and FDA.

But in an earlier interview, Health Secretary Francisco Duque III said that the FDA will investigate the prescription given to patients who participated in the distribution of Ivermectin in Quezon City.