Calgarians Against Asian Hate

Last March 27, 2021, hundreds of Calgarians, including Filipino immigrants, joined a peaceful demonstration to stand in solidarity with the people of color. Recently, Asians, Muslims, indigenous, and people of color have faced numerous violent physical and verbal attacks, harassment, threats, and hate on social media. And now, there is an increase in these attacks towards Asians and Muslims in particular.

The “Building Bridges Against Racism” solidarity walk was organized by Action Dignity, Act2EndRacism, Immigrant Serving Organization, and Filipino Rising. The walk started at the South End of Peace Bridge at 10 AM. Citizens of all ages came and held their described signs to support the end of racism. They followed the speakers in sharing experiences of name-calling, physical attacks, and discrimination because they belong in the minority group.

Speakers of the demonstration raised concerns about the discrimination in their workplace, the racial slurs that were thrown at them, and the hate on the cultural attire that they wear. They also talked about the government not doing enough and asked for additional assistance. They tackled the attacks against Muslim women in Edmonton and the two teens in Princess Island. The victims were attacked in broad daylight where they were degraded and physically attacked.

There are already a number of marches across Canada and the USA to raise awareness about the increasing attacks on minority groups and show support to end this racism. Many have called for political action, cease the wait for legal wrangling, and delays from all levels of government.

The supporters marched across Peace Bridge, Memorial Drive, and ended at the Chinese Cultural Center. They ended the successful solidarity walk with an indigenous drum salute on the Treaty 7 Land.