Education is one sector of human endeavors hit hard by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Methods of learning for primary school and higher-level students have been redefined. Even those who finished formal education years ago have been impacted due to job losses and remodeling of business practices.

The emergence of vaccines holds hope for a return to normalcy. Pundits and social scientists however are nearly unanimous in predicting that a new normal will emerge after the pandemic.

This means that learned skills and educational degrees suited to the pre-pandemic occupations need to be upgraded and made more relevant to the new work environment.

Comes Canada Advantage (CA🍁) a company whose vision is to create a community of empowered individuals through education by building bridges between local and international students, designated learning institutions, and potential employers for lifelong learning and professional growth. Established in 2019, this Calgary-based venture originally targeting International students aiming to study in Canada had to adapt to the curtailment of air travel and the mandates of social distancing in order to survive.

Survive it did, even posting more than modest growth after one year of operations by focusing on Canada-based learners in a work from home and Business retrenchment milieu.

Starting with less than 10 Independent Education Advisors (IEA) and 3 Partner Academic Institutions (PAI) mostly in Alberta. CA🍁 now has 80 IEAs and 12 designated PAIs across Canada. To date, CA🍁 has processed over 500 student applications, and enrolled over 300 students.

Even better news is that it has set-up operations in British Columbia with partners in Vancouver. Thus, despite restrictions on Christmas festivities and gatherings CA🍁 its students and partners have reasons to celebrate. Happy holidays and happy learning everyone.

About the Author

Ambassador Julius Torres retired as a Philippine diplomat in 2019 after 39 years of distinguished service and now leads the international operations of Canada Advantage.