Photo of K8 Mountaineering Club of Alberta at Vision Quest, Nordegg, Alberta
Photograph by Friend Franco
Edited by Leonard Maglalang

They say that “It Is Not the Mountain We Conquer, But Ourselves.” Today, mountaineering is divided into many sub-categories which include hill walking, traditional and sport rock climbing, ice climbing and alpinism or winter mountaineering.

K8 Mountaineering Club of Alberta, a Pinoy mountaineering group in Alberta, recently celebrated the 5th anniversary of the organization’s existence since 2014. The event was participated by K8 Members, Sheila Patron, FORM, Fiesta Filipino and Norben Sayon held last November 30th, 2019 at the YWCA Banff Hotel.

The group was founded by Levi John Ramos, still the current Executive Chairman, who has been guiding and steering the wheel of the organization. From Levi’s opening statement and presentation “It was 5 years ago, 2014 when Archer and I first came up an idea to form a pinoy mountaineering group in Alberta after a hike in Tunnel mountain.” Started with a dream, climbing without any equipment’s, lived by a trekking pole and a back pack on hand. K8 has current 38 members, we have gathered climbing gears and equipment one at a time and pushing self-imposed limits. It feels a dream now looking back. What a day to remember.

On the year 2018 24th of March, K8 Mountaineering Club of Alberta became an organized mountaineering group, witnessed and constitutionalized by 8 members outlined in Edmonton, Alberta.

Today, K8 is the home of Pinoy Mountaineers here in Alberta whether freshly from the Philippines or long-time residence, setting up a goal of sharing the beauty of the mountains thru responsible mountaineering and producing more Pinoy Alpinist.