by Chelsea Tan

Sarah Geronimo fans lined up outside of the Grey Eagle Casino on September 22nd to catch their favorite artist in concert for the second time around. The singing sensation first came to Calgary in 2015, and this year she came back to celebrate 15 years in the industry to promote her latest album titled “This 15 Me,” which is meant to be read as This Is Me. Known for her chart-topping hits and pristine reputation, the star brought excitement to the crowd as they awaited her presence on stage.

Mars Antonio, a long-time fan, had seen her in concert multiple times but expressed unwavering excitement. “This is the third or fourth time [i’m seeing Sarah in concert]. Kasi idol ko siya eh. Maganda yung boses nya, she’s sexy, she’s beautiful and talented.” (She’s my idol. She’s got a beautiful voice, she’s sexy, she’s beautiful and talented.)

Jan Vincent, another concert-goer, had been following Sarah’s career since the very beginning. “This is the first time i’m gonna watch Sarah G’s concert and i’ve been a follower of hers since Star for a Night. I’m really excited to see the concert live with Sarah and Sam Concepcion.”

The crowd went wild as Sarah entered the stage with G-Force Angels Gelai and Mica. She performed popular hits such as Tala (Star) and Kilometro (Kilometre), exciting the crowd with her dance moves.

“Alam nyo po, isa sa mga ine-enjoy ko talaga and pinapasalamatan ko ay yung nakapag-record po ako ng mga original Filipino songs.” (You know, one thing I really enjoy and am grateful for is the opportunity to record original Filipino songs.)

Sam Concepcion, a fellow singer, dancer, and actor,  joined Sarah onstage, pulling even more momentum from the crowd as he went down to greet the concert goers sitting on either side of the stage.

The night was a success, one to remember amid the bright neon lights.

“It’s such a wonderful feeling everytime you get to perform your own original songs in a foreign country. Katulad nga po dito sa Canada, ff proud to be Pinoy tayo. (Like here in Canada, you can really feel proud to be Filipino)”, she declared with a big smile.