by Dolly P. Castillo

You must have noticed that I started my last article with the earth element of water. I now follow it with my treatise on heat, fire, light – synonymous earth elements.

Didn’t we all experience as innocent and inquisitive children the magnetism of light and fire? Even to the point of throwing all cautions to the wind and actually having our noses and eyebrows nearly sized by the flame.  Or the fascination of putting our finger to the middle of the flame.  How about the fireflies that we captured in bottles through the night, only to find the fire gone on their tails by day? Yes, the luminosity of lights and flames titillate our imaginations to mysteries beyond the obvious, the surface.  When the fire flames dance in undulating motions, the fascination increases for what move these flames like a life of their own.  True, the breeze or oxygen in the air stir the motions but still# our minds are curious whether there are eunuchs or dwarfs within, unseen by the human eye,

Heat or fire is most beneficial when provided in manageable doses. This is so when specifically used to either heat the body, our food, our homes, our environment, especially in the dead of winter or the rainy season. On the other hand, extreme heat can zap the winds out of our normal bodies, generate unusual ailments that are not experienced before.  The devastating forest and brush fires due to extreme heat attributed to the much-scapegoated climate change have altered innumerable lives in destruction, despair and hopelessness.  Just because these catastrophes have not reached our backyards, that we can remain aware yet unresponsive.  This earth element is the concern of each one be it for their usefulness ir destruction.  We cannot take for granted that as long as we benefit, that’s all we care.  Prevention and vigilance in handling fire or heat behooves each one the correspondent responsibility in handling it right.

The other kind of heat is that which is generated in the human soul.  It translates into compassion, kindness, humility, and most of all the ever warm and hot sensations of love.

This is the kind that can inflame and transform, that can move mountains and scale the skies.  True and authentic love is human and most of all, divine.