Agahan 2019


by Dolly Castillo

Sunday heralded a bright and sunny day with clear skies and gentle cool breezes – a most fitting ambiance indeed for the fourth year celebration of Stampede breakfast – Filipino style.  The food consisted of the popular and loved sinangag ( white rice sautéed in golden brown garlic), longganisa hamonado, baby hotdogs, scrambled eggs with tomatoes, pandesal ( soft bread), coffee, and juices.

Hospitality started with free admission as long as you line up between 7 – 10 AM or until food lasts, smiling and cheerful servers, orderly movement of seemingly endless lines of people of all ages and nationalities.  The spirit was one of gaiety, lightheartedness as each partakes of the typical heavy Filipino breakfast.

Music with singers and bands, dances, welcome and thank you speeches of the hosting Philippine Festival Council of Alberta – PFCA together with the commercial establishment donors headed by Pacific Hut restaurant and other surrounding the 17th Avenue parking lot graced the festivity till closedown time.

Satisfied smiling visitors were all thankful with their expressed “Salamat po”.

The sense of community was clearly felt and demonstrated in this one celebration of food, music, fun, and all around goodwill.