When somebody is dizzy or off balanced, aside from making room for air, cries for water are urgently heard.  Water in this case is viewed as a remedy, a palliative perhaps, to bring the affected person back to his or her full senses.  It has this magical power of restoration, of rebound, of bringing back to life what is temporarily incapacitated.

In the bible itself, water is always mentioned as a cleansing, a redemptive symbol that washes away dirt literally and symbolically.  Water in abundance is free flowing, seeks its own level, and permeates believers’ inner world to refresh and revitalize. Security of adequate stored water or natural bodies of water like the oceans, seas, rivers, lakes, brooks, waterfalls, streams, springs, oasis, and even man -made fishponds put peace and contentment in all creatures.  No wonder, communities are built and established proximate to these wonders of nature. What is presumed here is these bodies of water are potable and safe for human and animal consumption. Originally, this is the case, but man’s wanton and careless use of water safety has jeopardized its purity and potability.  This aspect can be discussed further later. For now, an acute awareness is brought to the fore for realistic action on each one’s part.   

On the contrary,scarcity of it wilts and shrivels persons and objects.  Drought and famine with catastrophic lack of water can slay humans, animals, and plants alike.  On the flip side of the coin, too much of it results in raging torrential floods, mudslides, and flash floods with devastating tragic results.  The touted climate change is a big factor that merits a different discussion.

The healing characteristic of water in the physical sense is obvious. What’s fascinating is its ethereal characteristic in the spiritual sense.  Water becomes a symbol that man can identify with on the surface level, which then drills through the inner world.  When there’s a balance of this healing water in one’s inner world, the cleansing comes in the form of forgiveness, humility, and compassion. The equilibrium comes in the form of a general sense of peace and contentment that’s unexplainable and better savored than questioned or dissected.

Water for the soul is there for the taking but if one purposely evades it, it becomes elusive and unreachable.  The divine provides and man has to seek and refresh his being with healing water.  Only then will it transform man to his original state of purity and goodness.

Ang buwan ng Hulyo ay makahulugan dahil bakasyon ng mga kabataan sa eskwela, pamamasyal sa ibang lugar, kasayahan, picnic at iba pa.  Sa isang banda ay mayroon ding nagsusumigasig sa pag -aaral sa pagkuha ng advanced subjects, pagkuha ng mga hobbies sa sining, kultura, sports, o pambahay na mapapakinabanagan. 

Ito ang panahon ng pagtutu-on ng pansin sa ibang mga pinagkakaabalahan tulad ng pagbabasa at pagsusulat.  Gayundin pwede rin naman na maging titser, mentor, o tagasubaybay sa mga nais matuto ng mga aralin na kailangan ang repaso.

Huwag kalilimutan ang mga kasama sa tahanan na nangangailangan ng pansin o bonding na tinatawag.  Ito ay sa pamamagitan ng pagbibigay ng oras at panahon. Ibalanse lang ang sa pamilya at kaibigan nang ang lahat ay sumaya at makihalubilo.