Picture those tiny critters we call ants as they file in line, carrying their individual share of the food loot, towards a common storage area. Just watching this systematic and streamlined operation of each one pulling together to provide bountiful food for everyone is a perfect example of cooperation. As well, take the example of bees as they collect their honey from the accommodating flowers. As a team, they build the honeycomb with the queen bee orchestrating the working system. We can gather insight from these creatures of nature about work, cooperation, and working seamlessly with no words, just tactile touch of antennas or body smell for recognition.

These examples belie the basic truth that: communication or language is not only spoken words but usually and effectively also body language and gestures. It is said that our muscles or nerves have memories which react spontaneously to stimuli. The reflex reaction is uncontrolled and will bring out a pleasant or bad counter action dependent on the past experience triggered.

Words are cheap. Yes, eloquence and articulateness are admired traits. Yet the more important is the sincerity and action that concretise what was said. As it’s said, it’s just an empty clanging of gongs or cymbals if no LOVE accompanies the speech. This is not to discredit those who are vocal or are masters of the spoken word. In contrast, it is truly a gift to express oneself with sincerity and conviction bolstered by appropriate action.

I quote from author Robert K. Greenleaf who elaborated on this term Servant Leadership: “. There is a soul searching to be done to really get to the core meaning of servant leadership. New elders are those who choose to live in ways characterized by a vitality that is grounded in a deep sense of servant leadership. In pondering new elderhood, we reflect on four centre- saving and savoring questions:

What is my role?

How can I serve?

What do I care about?

What is my legacy?

The good life is a proactive pursuit of the qualities that engender vitality, not just for the satisfaction of the individual, but also for the common good of society. The four flames of savoring life, which are intrinsic to the good life are: identity, community, passion, and meanings.


Kalalagpas lang ng Pagdiriwang natin ng Araw ng mga Ina, Nanay, Ima, Mom. Ito’y hindi lamang isang araw ng panandaliang ligaya kundi   habang buhay na pagtanaw sa kabutihan at pag -aaruga ng bawa’t pusong Ina. Sana maski na sa bansang banyaga na ito ay dala ntin ang kinaugaliang paggalang at pagmamahal sa liwanag ng tahanan. Akuin natin ang magandang mga kaugalian ng Canada at Pilipinas sa pakikitungo sa ating mga magulang.,