Dolly Punsalan Castillo


We always hear about the unwavering belief and acknowledgement of teaching as a noble profession. This is what precipitated my deeper examination of this concept.

The title preambles where I want this topic to progress. It’s not the formal schooling or academic certification of the profession I refer to. I believe in the innate desire of each decent, well-intended person to share, to advice, to counsel out of their experiences that which benefits others.

It’s at times, a kneejerk reaction to offer one’s peace of mind to a situation. Behind it, all is the desire to help fellow beings find their way in this sometimes confusing world.

It’s fascinating to hear and see such people react, be it in a subtle form or to the point of being perceived as meddling.

If moderate teaching is offered to help and enlighten and not to pose as self-righteous on the part of the informal teacher, it should be taken as helpful.

Another aspect of this topic is a gospel excerpt that admonishes people to remember a moral obligation. This is to speak up when something blatantly wrong or unethical comes up. For self-survival, most people choose to be quiet on the sidelines. For a legitimate cause, they could be unsure of the process and don’t want to risk the fear of rejection.

However, if one’s own sense of fairness or even justice intuitively goads them to say their piece, then do so. Only with practice, can this skill of voicing out, earn it laurels and positive effects.

It’s sad to join the bandwagon of silent timid people who live life unencumbered, uninvolved, and unaffected. However, there can be enough bold people who can stir the pot and lead the majority to an awakened state of vigilance.

We are fortunate to be in a country that champions freedom of speech. To hear the voice of the grassroots masses through bold leaders who risk being misunderstood, ignored, or rejected is worth the forward step. It’s the noble calling of a teacher, be it in a formal or informal sense, to put the word out there.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. A word of caution to the over enthusiastic teachers : always remember to uplift rather than put down, always say it with the purpose of letting people grow and develop their character and outlook, always present the new lesson as a possible option that might be adopted or not, and lastly from a place of love as a service to fellow human beings.

Buwan po ng mga puso, pag – ibig, at pagmamahal. Kung paano po ito naipapakita at naipapadama ay di lang sa buwan at araw na ito. Kahimanawari, ay sa buong taon at buhay. Nagbabago na rin po ang mukha ng pag -ibig. Ang ibig lang pong sabihin ay hindi lang ang tradisyonal na pagpapakita at pagpapatunay ng pagmamahal ang namamayani. Exciting at makahulugan din ang modernong pananaw na nirerespeto ang kabuuan ng bawa’t isa – independent, bold, intelligent, respectful at grateful sa pagtatagpo at pakakakilala ng baw’t isa sa makahulugan na relasyon. Namamayani po ang kapakanan ng bawa’t isa na walang pag -iimbot at pansariling intensyon. Sana po ay maranasan natin ang bagong mukha at pananaw ng pag -ibig at  pagmamahal na mas naaayon sa utos ng Poong Maykapal.