Martial Arts Dojo Brings Together Families



By Will Tigley

Sensei Bryan Litorco says martial arts builds mind and body and can also build a family.

With over nine years of teaching experience combined with nearly three decades of practicing martial arts, Litorco is happy to have launched his new dojo, focusing on the Zen Karate Discipline, in Brentwood Mall in the city’s northwest with his family.

“We’re really focused on the family aspect of learning martial arts together,” explains Litorco. “With my own family I found very few family martial arts programs, so it’s nice to start my own.”

Litorco and his wife, Connie and daughter, Celeste, welcome all students interested in learning fighting styles that combine techniques from Shotokan Karate, Taekwondo and kickboxing.

“I found that martial arts is good at building a family dynamic,” says Bryan. “The parent-child dynamic is really quite interesting when learning martial arts together. In some cases, children may learn faster than adults, so parents need to be open to listening to their children for their own learning.”

They held their grand opening week in January

and Bryan is already finding a lot of students showing interest in the new dojo.

A major aspect of owning the dojo is preparing for competitions.


The Litorco family are already in the midst of training for their next competition later this month in the Alberta Zen Interclub Tournament in Red Deer.

“We really want to get families competing together,” says Bryan. “Joining competitions as a family brings a whole new aspect to competing as a team. You need to build trust and team work together and families can hold each other accountable.”

Competing together is a great experience to encourage and help each other develop their skills, the Litorcos have found.

Opening Litorco Martial Arts have also developed them as a family as well, with Bryan teaching classes, Connie running the office and business, and Celeste assisting in classes.

“Martial arts have been great for my family and has given us a lot,” says Bryan. “I’d encourage anyone interested in learning a skill to come to join us for a drop-in class and see if it’s for you. Whether you come with your family or not we’ll always help develop your physical strength and mental fortitude.”

For more information visit or visit the Litorco Martial Arts Facebook and Instagram pages.