Philippine Bobsled Team Needs Support!


By Lindsay Santos

Photo By Buddy Cunanan

Mabuhay caught up with the Philippine National Bobsled, Luge and Skeleton Association, Inc. (PNBLSA) to find out the progress they have been making and to get an update on their plans to make Calgary their homebase for training.

“The team has continued to carry out bobsled-specific gym and technique training in the Philippines, in preparation for the actual ice canal and ice house training in Calgary,” says Buddy Cunanan, the PNBLSA’s founder and president. “More importantly, the PNBLSA has entered into an agreement with the Alberta Bobsleigh Association (ABA), which will help the PNBLSA athletes develop their skills.”

The PNBLSA – ABA agreement will be formalized in February, Cunanan says, after Calgary officially becomes the PNBLSA’s homebase. From there, the ABA will take the team under its wings.


“The PNBLSA will be in Calgary in the third or fourth week of January,” he says. “They will train, under the tutelage of the ABA, beginning February 3,rd and will participate in the Alberta Cup Provincial Championship at the end of February.”

With January fast approaching, obstacles have come up that have made the PNBLSA’s move to Calgary a challenge. Coordinating with potential training partners in Calgary and meeting the team’s logistical requirements are a few of the hurdles they have managed to overcome with the ABA’s support.

“The PNBLSA has made tremendous progress with the ABA, which has been tremendously helpful,” says Cunanan. “There are still logistics requirements pertaining to accommodation and assistance with athletes’ needs that are challenging and we hope the Filipino Community can assist.”

The athletes need people who can act as mentors to help them adjust to life in Canada as it is a completely new environment for them. They are also in need of people they can rely on as ‘guides’ or ‘lifelines’ in the city in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Contact Cunanan directly on WhatsApp at +63-922-842-5665 to lend the PNBLSA your support.

For team updates, follow their Facebook page under The Philippine National Bobsled, Luge, and Skeleton Association.