Movement with a Message starts a conversation



Submitted by Movement with a Message

We need braver conversations around sensitive issues such as #metoo, racism, colonialism, indifference. It seems everywhere you turn, there is heightened emotions that are fuelled by hate and fear. We need to tell our stories in a way that brings people together, not create further lines of division. We need to be able to navigate these conversations with wisdom and skill that will strengthen connection between people and people groups, not fortify dividing walls.

This is what we are seeking to do with our show Rewritten. What creates us? What joys and sorrows reveal the culture and people we are presently? Join us as we dive deeply into issues of sex, relationships, racism, colonialism, and a hope to be rewritten. Playing at DJD Dance Centre Theatre November 16 to 17 at 8 p.m. Visit to purchase tickets.

Contact info: Ceniza Mejia – (403) 836-0263 | Vanessa Padillo – (403) 875-650