This simple expression is uttered with such relief and nostalgic peace in finding one’s own unique space. It originally was from an opera song Clari – The Maid of Milan.  It later became an idiomatic expression of a comfortable and safe feeling of being home, usually after a long absence. I have taken the liberty of taking the expression and its expanded meaning as a launching pad of comparisons.  The expression with its rustic home-like feel fascinates me as being similar to an upcoming event in Calgary’s Olympic Plaza – Fiesta Filipino.  The similarity is in the memories, feelings, emotions, and reveries, – a comfortable package of sentiments this event awakens in us.  For 3 days August 31 to September 1 and 2, Fiesta Filipino showcases the different facets, aspects, looks, images, in a kaleidoscope of colourful dazzling sights, sounds, and smell.    

The carefully designed ambiance will surely transport attendees, participants, and spectators to a time in their lives to their Philippine homes.  Such precious memories transformed and continue to evolve each one of us to what we are today – Filipino Canadians. People expressing pride in having the enviable position of integrating two rich cultures.  Fusion of looks, beliefs, traditions, values, and practices make up the modern Filipino Canadians. Fiesta will bring out the compatibilities of the traditional and contemporary cultures that make for a richer and exciting combination. In those magical three days, the world will witness and be exposed to the interesting epochs of history and culture from beginning to current times.  For the second generation of Filipino Canadians born and raised in this country, the value add of the activities lead to better understanding and appreciation.  The realization will either lead them to further explore or influence others to discover the beauty and richness of Philippine culture and heritage.

As for those who were born and grew up in the Philippines, national pride influences us to promote the culture and history.  It’s an unexplainable yet integrated mix of reminiscences, fond memories, and experiences.  Sharing through experiential storytelling satisfies both the teller and listeners.  This short Segway to Fiesta Filipino and culture will surely tantalize your yesterday and declare it’s Home sweet Home.


Dumating na naman ang  ikaapat na taon ng Fiesta Filipino, isang malaganap na selebrasyon ng ating kultura, sining, at lahi ngayong Agosto 31 at Septiyembre 1 – 2.  Ang mga nagtutulungan at namamahala na grupo ay taos sa kanilang panatang maipakita sa mga dadalo ang kagandahan at kahalagahan ng ating pagiging Pilipino.  Sana naman ay paunlakan ninyo ang imbitasyon na dumalo, makisaya, at makipagkaibigan sa madla.  Ito’y isang pagkakataon na may matutuhan o maalala ang makahulugang kahapon ng mamamayang Pilipino.

Sama – sama tayo at muling sariwain ang gunita ng ating pinanggalingan at ng sa gayon ay tutungo tayong magkakapit –  bisig sa maliwanag na hinaharap.