UCFSA performs Cultural Nite XXIV

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By Alexandra Dayrit




The University of Calgary Filipino Students’ Association hosted their annual Cultural Nite performance at Boyce Theatre on Saturday, June 2, to an audience filled with family, friends and past alumni of the student club.


UCFSA brought forth a show that helps the audience relate to situations from the past and the present, featuring a number of flashbacks to the 90’s focusing on a group of six kids who face an unexpected substitute teacher who presents new rules, a new deadline for their final project and has animosity towards the Filipino culture.


Coming from the Philippines herself, we find out she was ridiculed when she was younger for having an accent and Filipino style noodles, or, Pancit for lunch. So, she adapted and forgot the entire culture until she faces a group of kids who overcome the challenges she has thrown at them and in the end helps her learn to accept all that she is and all that the Filipino culture brings and that it should never get lost.


Gates Guarin

, alumni of UCFSA, advised the club throughout their many practices before the show, helped with the script writing and brought along other alumni to guide the students into another successful Cultural Nite show,


“My favourite part of being involved this year was seeing the club grow into it’s own with this new generation.

Keeping our heritage and traditions alive was already tough when I was in the club, so to see it continue even stronger than before is so humbling to see.”


This year, the club incorporated the dances Maglalatik, Pangalay, Sohten and Thalek and of course, Pandanggo sa Illaw and Tinikling into the show. The club features dances within the show every year presenting some new dances and some old ones.


The theme of the club this year is expanding their horizons, Moiessa Lasaleta, Vice-President of the club further elaborates that they will be “working towards growing our club, as well as making our club known to organizations and communities outside of University of Calgary. We like working with other groups to ensure we contribute to something larger than just our own membership list.”


Lasaleta hopes for the newcomers of the club to continue their journey with UCFSA and “see the value of the club and experience what alumni have felt throughout their years in UCFSA, the sense of family. I believe the friends I have made in my years in UCFSA will be my life-long friends. I hope that in the future, many members will feel the same as I do as well.”


Ice Garcia will be coming in as Co-President for the upcoming year with Gabe Aguirre. Together they’re teaming up as presidents with high hopes for the club and shaping it to become better and better every year.  “Coming into next year, I’m really excited to work with the team I performed and worked with during Cultural Nite. I hope we can show other students what a great time it is to learn about the Filipino culture.

“I hope to show other students what a great time and cause it is to learn about the Filipino culture.