By Sheena Manabat

Calgary singer-songwriter Annie Lux recently released her new single “Yesterday.”  Lux is currently pursuing a Bachelors of Music at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. 

Born Anne Marie Ala, Lux was raised in Calgary by her music loving parents who encouraged her to pursue her passion for songwriting and singing.

Her new music video for the single was released last month on YouTube and was filmed in Albay, Bicol where her parents are originally from. The beautifully produced video captures Ala watching the soft waves coming in, reflecting on her upbringing and exposure to music through her parents. Wistful lyrics accompanied by reenacted scenes of her childhood filmed offer a nostalgic feel for Lux’s “Yesterday”.  

The single reflects Lux’s intention to connect with her listeners by writing pop music that everyone can understand and relate to.

“It’s easier to communicate with simpler ideas,” she explains, clarifying that “simple is beautiful.”

Lux recalls long drives as a child to British Columbia with her father listening to classic rock and church songs. Her mother, who also sings, introduced Lux to musical films such as Sister Act and Grease, and also coached her when she sang. Lux explains that her very first performances were in church at six years old.

Recognizing her talents, her parents enrolled her into singing lessons at the Royal Conservatory of Music where she was classically trained as a vocalist.

In High School, Lux did not study music at all since she believed that pursuing a music career wasn’t viable. Instead, she enrolled in Advanced Placement classes in chemistry and biology to prepare for a degree in Earth Ocean Science and Geology.

“I didn’t think it was the career path I was going to choose,” she says.

However, in High School she also was connected with Grammy nominated duo Kuya Productions and cites them as being a huge influence on her. Kuya Productions are a production and songwriting team based in Toronto that have worked with the likes of Nelly, Mase and Alessia Cara. Lux credits them as role models who inspired her to continue making music, not only because of their success, but also because they are Filipino minorities working in Canada.

“They opened my eyes and showed me that I can choose a career in music and have a home and a family in this industry,” she explains.

Now only in her second year of studies, Lux has already seen success, having been recently signed to Viva records in the Philippines. When asked if she has any advice for young Filipinos considering pursuing music, she truly believes in that kindness, hard work and persistence are key.

“You can’t let anyone let you believe you’re not going to go anywhere or do anything with your life, because the only person who’s going to make that true or false is you,” she says.

Anyone introduced to Lux and her music may be surprised to learn that she is only 19 years old. For quite a young artist, Lux is extremely articulate, humble and a pleasure to talk to.  No doubt this young songstress has great things in store for her fans in the future as she continues her musical endeavors in Calgary, Boston, The Philippines, and beyond.

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