Boracay Clean Up

  By Darlene Casten Duterte gives Boracay six months to clean up sewage and trash     Caption:  Department of Tourism spokesperson Frederick Alegre speaks to a group of foreign media, including representatives from Mabuhay Calgary, in the Philippines last week about the steps that are...
Even with the political rhetoric amidst the US elections result still in a hodgepodge, I am celebrating the fact that a woman of color and daughter of 20th-century immigrants (her mother was from India and her father...
(Part 2 of What's in an Intergenerational Filipino-Canadian Household?) Demographers and social theorists argued that second-generation are individuals born in a relocated country of first-generation parents or families.  However, there are classifications of second-generation Filipino-Canadians. For those children who...
Mano Po combines the Spanish word "mano" (hand) and the Tagalog word "po" ( to mean respect).  Joining both words means "your hand, please." It is a Filipino social decorum associated with good manners and founded in...
A few weeks ago, my former high school classmates formed a weekly Zoom meeting dubbed “Zoomastahan.” It is meant to be a fellowship with people from the Philippines, China, Singapore, UAE, UK, USA and Canada. Since it...
The resurgence of "Black Lives Matter" has gripped my psyche like nothing I've experienced before. I am aghast at how some prominent leaders in our society have blatantly disrespected the very core principles of diversity and inclusion....
If you’re a Filipino, there is a good chance you are hooked on Korean Dramas (KDrama).  You’re a fan of at least one of the male lead characters who we call “Oppa” (Korean = older male but...

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