Filipinos retain their Oriental and collectivist worldview, despite the 500 years of Western influence. They value close family ties, social acceptance, smooth interpersonal relationships, and deference for older persons. The Filipino indigenous values like utang na loob...
Mano Po combines the Spanish word "mano" (hand) and the Tagalog word "po" ( to mean respect).  Joining both words means "your hand, please." It is a Filipino social decorum associated with good manners and founded in...
If you’re a Filipino, there is a good chance you are hooked on Korean Dramas (KDrama).  You’re a fan of at least one of the male lead characters who we call “Oppa” (Korean = older male but...
It’s nice to be back in this column! I love talking about the brighter side of life – I like it when my mind oozes with serotonin (the happy hormone). That is good, right? The world has...
(Part 3 of What's in an Intergenerational Filipino-Canadian Household?)Who are the second-generation Filipino-Canadians?  Generations 2.0 and 2.5, those born of Filipino parents in Canada or one Filipino parent, are called the second-generation Filipino-Canadians. While it may be difficult...
Even with the political rhetoric amidst the US elections result still in a hodgepodge, I am celebrating the fact that a woman of color and daughter of 20th-century immigrants (her mother was from India and her father...
The resurgence of "Black Lives Matter" has gripped my psyche like nothing I've experienced before. I am aghast at how some prominent leaders in our society have blatantly disrespected the very core principles of diversity and inclusion....

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