It is an inherent drive among humans to seek pleasure and to avoid pain. As it is, having our desires granted instantly is not necessarily a bad thing. However, anticipating quick-fix solutions in an age where almost...
Unlike emotions such as anger, where one can easily detect through a flushed face or a clenched fist, loneliness can be harder to notice. According to an article by Dr. James House from the Journal of Psychosomatic...


After months of fruitful talks, the government decided to finally fold its tent and abandon the peace talks with communist rebels. This came in the wake of six soldiers getting killed in an encounter with the New People's Army,...
A few weeks ago, my former high school classmates formed a weekly Zoom meeting dubbed “Zoomastahan.” It is meant to be a fellowship with people from the Philippines, China, Singapore, UAE, UK, USA and Canada. Since it...
If you’re a Filipino, there is a good chance you are hooked on Korean Dramas (KDrama).  You’re a fan of at least one of the male lead characters who we call “Oppa” (Korean = older male but...
Public and private organizations collect and publish data containing information about individuals. These data are analyzed to project market trends, implement efficient business operations, and create informed decisions in the allocation of resources in both governmental and...
(Part 1) Jeff came to Canada as a foreign worker in 2008.  He worked in a meat factory in Alberta.  Three years later, he sponsored his wife Sonia and two children, ages 8 and 10, after earning his...
Attaining a permanent residency in Canada for international students is a multi-step process. Please read below the details on the first two steps on how an international student who is planning to come and be a permanent...

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