The Echoes of your Soul

Woman praying and free bird enjoying nature on sunset background, hope concept


By Hazel Nut


Allow the pain to linger but once…

For in the process you will know

You truly loved –

Have loved and must let go


And only until the ache is soothed

shall you find comfort in having to walk this road


And though there are no promises nor guarantees

That such road must lead to stillness


Allow the songs to bring you joy, but not sorrow

For it is in your solitude that the lyrics speak the loudest


Allow yourself to weep

Don’t throw thy memories but keep

Even the dullest days

Were better off than none


Allow emptiness to filter your heart

For new beginnings to evolve


Most metamorphosis occurs with such discomfort

Before a butterfly’s life unfolds


Allow the dimness of the moment

Reveal the questions left unanswered


For it is in these crevices in a cave

That the light shine through the brightest


Allow the places you’ve both been to

Be a hallmark of a love so young


And in the midst of tears and all

You’ll free the echoes of your soul