Alleged Catfish Pedophile Denied Bail


    By Darlene Casten

    A man accused of posing as a younger man under various pseudonyms to get to know and then sexually assault teenage girls is being held behind bars after being re-arrested.
    Bail was denied for Christian Sarile last month and he will be back in court April 6.
    Sarile was first arrested May 2017 and charged with three counts each of sexual interference, invitation to sexual touching, sexual assault and obtaining sexual services for consideration from a person under 18 years of age.
    He was released on bail under the conditions he has no contact with people under 18-years-old and could not volunteer or go to places where people under 18-years-old frequently are, such as schools and rec centres. He was forbidden from having a computer or cell phone that can access the internet and was banned from consuming alcohol or drugs or going to pubs and bars.
    He was arrested again in December and charged with sexual assault, sexual contact with a child, sexual counsel of child and three counts of breach of his conditions.
    Sarile was a music teacher and was pursuing a teaching degree.
    The charges reportedly involve dozens of victims.