Counting Your Blessings – Future, Present, and Past

By Dolly Punsalan Castillo


Have you ever tried taking stock of the many good and pleasant things that come your way, expected or unexpected?  It’s a most gratifying experience that lifts one’s spirit especially in the low times.  Yes, it’s true, that with peoples’ efforts and ingenuity, good results prosper.  There are also the uncontrolled ones, that happen with a Higher Force behind them.   I believe a simple Thanks from the heart is all what the benefactor anticipates, with the expectation of having the acts be ‘pay forwarded’.  And so goes the power of ‘kindness begetting kindness’ with the serendipitous circle of life and goodness making its natural rounds.  It might seem naive to have this trend of thought when the bad thoughts and karma seem to take the forefront.  This is the very reason why such happens, when people jaded from experiences that burnt their faith in humankind, tend to think of the unsavory side.  For once, there are still humans who do good for the simple joy of being of help – no agenda, no vested interest, not even a thought of a return or reciprocity.  However, on the part of the receiver, it’s but good human decency to acknowledge with thanks and gratitude for all who made the good act happen.  Try it and be amazed how simple acts explode into inexplicable acts of kindness and goodwill.  If on the other hand, the receiver goes on his merry way without acknowledging the good gesture, just charge it to your board of learnings of human frailties and weaknesses.  Somebody will come around, decent and humane, who will pick up the slack.

We have been coached and advised in our daily lives to think of the good things that balance out the not so good ones.  Going back to basics, being able to inhale and exhale with ease and comfort, is a great reward.  Having a bold spirit that struggles despite challenges is another blessing.  Challenges are presented to us as learning tools.  Without them, Life is boring and stale when everything falls into place.  An attitude of how to hurdle successfully , how to put a positive spin to even the most negative and difficult  situation, bring out the strength and courage to come out as  winners in Life.  A great source of such inspirational life stories are elder people and even the younger ones who choose to engage, rather than retreat from such challenges. More power and luck to such staunch souls!