A heartfelt Christmas greetings


    With reverence and friendship, I’d like to extend my Christmas greetings to everyone. With the greeting comes the goodwill, hope and peace this world offers enveloped by Divine Providence. This greeting might be received with arched eyebrows, skepticism or a lackluster spirit by some and with warm welcome and faith for others. Nonetheless, I still believe in its wealth of meanings handed down to us in the Christian world 2,000 years ago.

    If we believe in return to the basics in our material needs, we can easily relate to the same principles – a return to the original intent and concept. This is very applicable in returning to the basic message of salvation by our Redeemer Jesus at Christmas. The grand design and plan of redemption was unfolded at this humble beginning. Even the entrance of Jesus on this earth was fraught with a myriad of meanings, foremost of which is poverty. It connotes not only poverty in material goods to the point of having enough to exist. It’s also poverty in spirit, unloading ourselves of the attitude of excesses, extravagance and bohemian pleasures. It’s thinking and acting on lightening the loads of physical and spiritual scarcity. In short, it’s sharing and rejoicing in the simple blessings of just enough.

    Tulutan po ninyo akong tumuloy sa inyong mga puso sa payak kong kalagayan upang batiin ko kayong lahat ng MALIGAYANG PASKO AT MASAGANANG BAGONG TAON. Tayo’y pinagbubuklod ng ating pagiging mga anak ng Diyos na may paggalang at pag-aalala sa bawa’t isa. Sana ay itimo natin sa ating mga puso at kalooban ang ating pagiging isa bilang komunidad. Ang KAPAYAPAAN ay sumainyong lahat!


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