Calgary Farmers Market Welcomes Eats of Asia

By Brenrich Carandang


Eats of Asia is bringing their signature fusion of Asian flavors to the Calgary Farmers’ Market!.

Opening their second venue, Owner and Chef Jay Del Corro is excited to bring an ‘express’ style

Eats of Asia to 510 77th Avenue SE.

Located within the Calgary Farmers’ Market Food Court (open Thursday through to Sunday from

9 a.m. to 5 p.m.), and across from long-time friends at Shef’s Fiery Kitchen, you will find a

slimmed down version of Eats of Asia. The location will focus on ramen and noodle based

dishes, with baos (Taiwanese-style sliders) as well as other fan favorites making an appearance

on the menu.

The main Eats of Asia location will still be located at the Crossroads Market located at 1235 26

Ave SE. This original  location, which has a bigger kitchen, will serve as the base of operations for

Eats of Asia and offer the greatest variety of their menu. The Crossroads Market location is open

Friday to Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Jay’s vision with Eats of Asia is to bring food that is “good, tasty, and [will] surprise people” by

creating craveable dishes that do not play with a standard set of rules – but are inspired dishes

that take from many cultures.

Jay and crew deliver on this promise by bringing together many of the flavors unique to Asian

cuisine. Filipino sisig, Korean bibimbap, Japanese ramen, and street food snacks are just some of

the dishes Eats of Asia features. Each dish is infused with the experience that Jay and his over

twenty years of professional cooking bring to the table.

Not only do customers get to experience a fusion of culinary flavors at Eats of Asia – they also

get the opportunity to see what other vendors and the community have to offer with the many

collaborations and events that the Eats of Asia crew is a part of.

In choosing a second location for the expansion of Eats of Asia Jay notes how important the

aspect of community is. In supporting the Calgary Farmers’ Market since their days in the Currie

Barracks and building relationships with many of the vendors there, opening up a spot with the

Calgary Farmers’ Market felt like the right move for Eats of Asia.

In working with a smaller space, Eats of Asia is also able to refine and focus on an aspect of their

menu that many enjoy. Working with ramen and their hand-pulled noodles they can get creative

and try different ways in which ramen can be imagined.

By following them on their social media on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, followers are

treated to insider knowledge on upcoming menu items, test kitchen creations, events,

community happenings and secret menu items – such as a smoked brisket sisig bao.