Have you ever wondered if there’s a need to pause introspectively in your preoccupied life?  Not just a quick look inside your inner world, but a reflective check on what you are and where you’re headed. Scary isn’t it and...
In this column I always strive to share with you simple traits that can pave the way to a satisfactory and harmonious life.  It’s not rocket science, just a sensible and practical way of meeting and resolving challenges.  This...
Higher Story by Dolly Castillo The simple unobtrusive way of life of most people passes on unceremoniously at first glance. Yet, if the surface is scratched deeper, by way of personal stories and revelations shared with frankness and candor, jewels...
Submission by Dolly Punsalan Castillo to Mabuhay Newspaper June 2018 issue “ Seek, Wonder, Discover, Share”  is the catchy byline I read at our Calgary Central Public Library.  I think it is a very apt opener in the tone and mindset I...
Submitted by Dolly Punsalan Castillo  Every successful project, event, or program doesn’t just happen with the flick of a finger.  For sure, an effective planning process was securely put in place in the background.  It can be basic or elaborate,...
    Counting Your Blessings – Future, Present, and Past By Dolly Punsalan Castillo   Have you ever tried taking stock of the many good and pleasant things that come your way, expected or unexpected?  It’s a most gratifying experience that lifts one’s spirit...
    By Anthony L. Po   In a previous article (January 2016), I wrote about the terrible state of securing a civil annulment  from the courts in the Philippines: “I received an interesting email from my former partner inviting me to look up...

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