Higher Story by Dolly Punzalan Castillo LENTEN SEASON  HOLY WEEK:  AN HONEST –  TO – GOODNESS PAUSE, FLASHBACK, INSPIRE TO CHANGE The whole Christendom fall on their knees. Kneel in humility, pound their breast in utter repentance, and  does some serious...
AN INWARD JOURNEY TO ONE’S SELF – A LESSON IN HUMILITY AND GRATITUDE By Dolly Castillo April is my best month for selfish reasons, it being my birth month, April 12th to be exact.           I came into the world, the tenth...
Submission by Dolly Punsalan Castillo to Mabuhay Newspaper June 2018 issue “ Seek, Wonder, Discover, Share”  is the catchy byline I read at our Calgary Central Public Library.  I think it is a very apt opener in the tone and mindset I...
In this column I always strive to share with you simple traits that can pave the way to a satisfactory and harmonious life.  It’s not rocket science, just a sensible and practical way of meeting and resolving challenges.  This...
This simple expression is uttered with such relief and nostalgic peace in finding one’s own unique space. It originally was from an opera song Clari – The Maid of Milan.  It later became an idiomatic expression of a comfortable...
Have you ever wondered if there’s a need to pause introspectively in your preoccupied life?  Not just a quick look inside your inner world, but a reflective check on what you are and where you’re headed. Scary isn’t it and...

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